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Site Disclaimer

McCracken Poston does not charge any monetary fee for an initial consultation, either in person or through written, telephonic or electronic correspondence. Please know that while this initial consultation may eventually result in a contract of representation, no implied representation exists after any number of such informal communications. Until an actual (and written) agreement between the person seeking advice and the attorney is reached as to fees and all other aspects of representation, there is in fact no representation, and no responsibility of representation on the part of McCracken Poston.

Remember, however, it is difficult for any attorney to give a proper assessment to potential clients unless all relevant facts of the particular case are disclosed. Please make notes of all critical issues of your matter before communicating with any attorney, so that an effective communication may follow. Even so, it would be difficult for any attorney to completely comprehend the complexity of your legal matter and properly advise you after only brief, introductory communication has occurred. Persons should be wary of any advice from any attorney who is not fully aware of all of the relevant facts of a case. While the telephone and internet have revolutionized legal communication, there is no substitute for making an appointment for a face-to-face initial consultation, which is also at no charge. Informal internet correspondence should not be construed as legal advice.

This being said, all attorneys owe to even potential clients who do not hire them a continuing duty of confidentiality. You should feel confident to reveal everything to a lawyer considering taking your case, and even if actual representation does not follow the duty of confidentiality will remain.

Always be aware of statutory limitations on civil actions and promptly seek legal advice and secure counsel before you possibly lose your rights under the law. Do not assume that any attorney is representing your interests in any matter until you have entered a contract of representation with that attorney.


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